Eden Holan, a Singer, Musician & Composer with an impressive international career, is invited to perform worldwide, accompanied by first rank musicians, conductors and orchestras. 

 The audience who is exposed to Eden’s Concerts, discovers a moving artist full of grace, charm, warmth & charisma. With elegance and innovation, Eden manages to integrate different cultures around the world, and merge them together thanks to her love and passion for music. She performed a free and powerful Jazz, in all sincerity.

In love with life, Eden sings what it is. Music is in her DNA. 

 Eden is considered to be one of the most active and prominent jazz singers in the Israeli music scene. Eden Holan has distinguished herself on the global jazz scene, she has created her own unique world, a unique musical style: Jazz roots and harmonies combined with influences from France, Israel, Africa and Brazil.

With her impressive stage presence and her Captivating personality Eden sweeps the audience to an unforgettable experience between languages, countries and rhythms. Eden built the very first cultural bridge between Israel, the Reunion Island, Madagascar and Corsica. 

 Eden’s vocal abilities have long been compared to those of legendary icons Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington. 

 Her eclectic repertoire includes songs in English, French, Creole, and Hebrew. 

She performs with the best international Jazz musicians; leads and exposes great talent in improvising as well as playing exotic percussions, which were built specifically for her.

Eden’s music is a mirror to her life: Born in Paris, grew up in Tel-Aviv, comes from an impressive family dynasty: four generations of musicians, artists and singers. Her great grandfather was a famous Cantor in Eastern Europe before war world 2. Eden is influenced greatly by her father, Rony Holan, a renowned Israeli jazz drummer. Her French mother, born in Algiers, taught Eden from a very young age about the French art and culture. The singer carried all of those textures and grooves into the music. 

 The thousands of Eden’s fans, have seen her concerts in 17 countries and 96 cities. From shows in Israel to well-known international jazz festivals: Israel, China, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United States, Cape Verde, Slovenia, Corsica, Madagascar (Africa) and the Reunion Island. 

 During the summer of 2008 in the Jazz Festival of Marciac, Eden discovered the "Maloya", a traditional rhythm, from the Reunion Island, one of the overseas departments of France, east to Madagascar. Eden fell in love with the energy and magic of this Island. Since then, she has learnt the Creole language and culture, she studies their different music styles and keeps in constant touch with Reunionese musicians. Her musical project is also a premiere: the first collaboration between an Israeli Jazz ensemble and musicians from the Réunion. she feels that "it is a wonderful friendship!" 

Eden has developed an exciting relationship with TED, an international nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, whose conferences bring together the world’s fascinating thinkers and doers – challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less. Two of the most prominent of these over the years have been Bill Clinton and the late Steve Jobs. In November 2013, Eden was invited by Ted France to sing and lecture for the first time on Reunion Island. At various intervals during her talk, which was conducted in French, she sings snippets of various songs in Hebrew, French and Creole, backed by a percussionist. For her success at her Ted Talk she received a medal of honor from the president of the Island and a Courtesy title of "Goodwill Ambassador" from Paris municipality. 

 Eden has a wide musical education: she sang for seven years (ages 7-14) at Stricker Conservatorium at "Bat Kol" classical choir. During her two years of mandatory military service, she was the head singer of the Central District. She later attended Rimon School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Israel’s largest independent professional music school for the advanced study of contemporary music. After completing her academic studies of a B.A in Psychology, Eden worked for 4 years in the Israeli Musicians Union, where she was in charge of the marketing development and business promotion and organized cultural and musical events. She worked with the pianist Danny Gottfried, The director of the Union, as well as the founder of Eilat international Jazz Festival, and director of prestigious Jazz concerts series. Eden has a Master’s degree in communication and NLP. Eden is invited worldwide to give Master classes and lecture about the Power of Music. 

 In her first album "Inspiration" (2011), Eden demonstrated her aptitude in interpreting Jazz standards. She was accompanied by leading musicians in the Israeli Jazz scene. The disc was released in Israel, where it is broadcasted in all the radio Jazz programs playlists. It led her to perform in different Jazz festivals as well as in the best Jazz clubs in Israel.

Eden released her second album "Irresistible" (2012), accompanied by prestigious international Jazz musicians from Israel, New York and La Réunion. The album was recorded in Israel and La Réunion, then mixed and mastered in Paris. This project consists of her own compositions, lyrics and production. 

These days, Eden is working on her Third album, with well know international musicians From Australia, Denmark & Germany, the album will be released at the end of 2018. 

 Eden is the solo a singer of The Big-Band of Tel-Aviv, the biggest Jazz orchestra of Israel, the Symphonette Raanana Orchestra and the Big Band Orchestra of Haifa. She also performs in various ceremonies at the French Embassy in Israel, in front of the highest authorities of the nation, including Israel’s President. 

 In 2016, Eden has been elected as one of the 10 most recommended artists by the Jewish Europe Comity. 

 In 2017, Eden created 2 international World music Festivals in Corsica and The Reunion Island.

 “To me, jazz means freedom, she says, "the chance to draw from all of the wonderful rhythms and melodies I love, and create a beautiful mixture that is the equivalent of a big basket of flowers of many colors from many different and amazing places and cultures....”